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US flexible packaging demand will grow by 4.1%

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Freedonia Group's latest research report shows that by 2009, the US flexible packaging market demand will average 4.1% growth rate. 2009 is expected to reach its flexible packaging turnover $ 14.4 billion, while in 2004 only $ 11.8 billion.

Freedonia predicts that US demand sachet rate will average 6.6 percent in 2009, the rapid growth in the past, when the transaction volume will reach $ 5.8 billion, which will bring many opportunities for new companies. Meanwhile, the barrier properties and resealable bags flat performance has improved, the market demand will rise. The general increase in demand for smaller bags, only an average of 2.5% is expected.

Freedonia pointed out that before 2009, the US flexible packaging market, an average annual increase of food demand of 4.3% and non-food needs of the average annual increase of 3.7%


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