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Shandong Jianyuanchun packaging materials co.,ltd was established in 2011, with the investment of 1.30 billion RMB. This production line was imported from Bruckner in German, with  8.7m wide biaxially oriented polyester film of the world's most advanced. We also employed 12 well-known experts of machinery, electrical and process,  to ensure the configuration, installation and production of the equipment can reach the world first-class standard.

Therefore, on one hand,we took thousand-grade purification for the production workshop ,Forming a complete set , American winriss (micro visual) film detection technology with Japan's new film dust removal system were introduced to insure visualization of product quality and tracking improvement timely.On the other hand,We also recruited more than 100 college students from all over the country. Under the direction of engineering and technical personnel in the various departments,they timely understood and grasped the foreign equipment operation, maintenance, maintenance skills through  installation, commissioning and training of the production line.
we have applied for 6 patents, now other than ordinary printing aluminum packaging products, the main products of the company is aiming to differentiated products with high added value, such as optical base film, release film, window film, dry film, heat shrinkable film, heat sealing film, coating film, cigarette packet transfer film, an insulating film, laser anti-counterfeit film of high value-added products, these BOPET Harima products are widely used in food packaging, protective card, insulation, construction, sensitive, adhesive tape, labels, images and other fields. In recent years, and has been further applied to aerospace, mobile phone touch screen LCD TV technology field, backplane, solar photovoltaic backing material, electronic, electrical and other sophisticated,

At present, the first phase of the project put into its annual output reached 40000 tons, expected annual sales of 1000000000 yuan, 200000000 yuan in profits and taxes.


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