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Basic Introduction of BOPET Film


BOPET film is biaxially oriented polyester film. BOPET film has so many characteristics of high strength, rigidity, transparency, gloss and others ; odorless, tasteless, colorless, non-toxic, highlighting the strength and toughness; its tensile strength is three times of PC film, nylon film; The impact strength is 3-5 times of BOPP film.It has excellent abrasion resistance, folding resistance, pinhole resistance and tear resistance; also with minimal heat-shrinkable, at 120 & DEG; C, the shrinkage of only 1.25% after 15 minutes; Also with good antistatic properties, easy vacuum aluminum, can be PVDC coated, thereby improving its heat-sealing properties, barrier properties and adhesion of printing; BOPET also has good heat resistance, excellent retort resistance, low temperature resistance, good oil resistance and chemical resistance. Except for nitrobenzene, chloroform, methanol, benzene, most chemicals can not make it to dissolve. However, BOPET will be a strong base erosion, should pay attention. BOPET film, low water absorption, good water resistance, suitable for packaging foods with high water content.

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